About me !

It's Arian Ebrahimi

I was born in 2001, I studied mathematical at high school and continued my studies as Software engineer at Zanjan university Mostly I worked on financial systems and web development. i mostly worked on Backend development and DevOps. I am a self-taught programmer, and I am always looking for new technologies to learn. my favorite OS is gnu/linux, and I am mostly using Ubuntu with i3wm.

Name Arian Ebrahimi

Date of birth 27 july 2001

Spoken Langages English - Persian

Nationality Iranian

Interest Music, Programming, IOT

Education & Skills

2008 - 2020
School & High-school


2020 - Now
Zanjan University

Bachelor of Computer engineering

2017 - 2019
System admin and web developer

Aptus Iran

2019 - 2020
Lead backend Developer

Supnex co.

2020 - Now
Lead backend Developer

Exbito co.

2016 - Now
Backend Developer


Docker & Devops


Web Design


Backend developing (Django, FastApi, Laravel)


Databases (Postgresql, Redis, MongoDB, MariaDB)


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Free Call To Me:
(+98) 900 1702 111
Find Me:
Iran, Alborz province, Karaj

Thank you !